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eHub Interviews Ambiently

June 16, 2009 by eHub Interviews

eHub: Why did you start this project?

Ambiently:The web is too fragmented. There always exists webpages about anything you can think of, but mostly they are not hyperlinked together. Today, search is the only means to find them.

The situation will be totally different if we link semantically related webpages together. Imagine that related webpages can be seen instantly, from any webpage you are viewing.

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Ambiently: Discover Related Websites In One Click

June 19, 2009 by

Ambiently displays unexpected and useful websites and helps in finding more information about anything easily.


Ambiently Discovery Engine: Find More Related Information

May 22, 2009 by Ann Smarty

Ambiently is a “discovery engine” (as they prefer to be called) because as opposed to “search engine” that searches based on the keyword you specify, Ambiently discovers more pages based on the URL you are viewing.

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Use Ambiently to discover sites related to the page you are viewing

May 5, 2009 by Wendy Boswell

I’ve found a new tool to share with you – Ambiently. You can use it to discover sites that are related to the page that you are currently viewing…it’s definitely an interesting way to discover more of the Web!


Ambiently: like a search engine, but cooler.

April 7, 2009 by Roo

This is a great tool for research, whether you are doing it for school/job or just personal interest…Ambiently is a new kind of search engine. In some ways, it is better than the old kind of search engine.

This is useful for any discipline. I found it particularly useful for researching topics related to meditation and yoga. If you come across an article that relates to whatever you are studying, then a search engine that brings up sites relevant to that article would be the most effective way to keep researching that topic.

Ambiently is a great research tool. It’s a search engine, but better … maybe not in every way, but it’s still pretty useful. I’m definitely going to use it.

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Ambiently – I quite like this

April 10, 2009 by Zoe Rose, Cambridge

It’s a small change. It’s not semantic (my standard test of semantic value – ‘piracy’ – returned as much on copyright as it did on high seas crime). You won’t see substantially different results from google. But I suspect that for intricate and/or highly specific searches, it will prove extremely useful.

Also – it brands itself as a ‘discovery’ engine, rather than a ‘search’ engine. Full props to that – it’s about time we stopped using ‘search’ as a catch-all term for discovery. ‘Search’ implies that you already know exactly what you’re looking for, denying the value of serendipitous discovery. Sure, it’s semantics, but semantics are the bread and butter of content discovery!

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Ambiently – Find Related Websites With One Click

April 10, 2009 by Mr. Byrne, Maine, USA

Do you remember the old days of doing academic research? You know, back when to find content related to what you were reading you looked in the book’s bibliography. Ambiently takes that concept and applies it to web research.

Applications for Education
Ambiently could be a very useful web research tool. Instead of jumping back and forth from a search results page, students can just click the Ambient button and have related content right in front of them.


Turn Each Webpage Into A Search Engine

April 09, 2009 by RogerH

Ambiently touts itself as the first discovery engine on the WWW. What does that exactly mean? Well, it basically means that instead of answering a search query with a string of web links it will provide you with direct web links from the webpage that you are located in, without having to type anything.

Why it might be a killer?
A service like this one stands as an interesting development that might just be the shape of things to come.


Ambiently – Discover Related Web Pages With One Click

April 08, 2009 by Sebastien Rius, London, UK

Ambiently is a web discovery application. When browsing any web page you can click on the Ambiently toolbar link and be shown related links to that page.

It’s not quite a search engine as you don’t type in any keywords. Instead it provides additional links about the page you are currently viewing. It’s like a mix between Google and Stumble upon in that it provides relevant links at the click of button. However it’s not quite as accurate as Google and not as random as Stumble upon.


Finding Interesting Information on the Web: It’s Not Just for Search Engines Anymore

April 08, 2009 by Dr. Seth Greenblatt, Austin, Texas, United States

I’d like to give an example of a person that would find this very useful, me. I’m a scientist. Many times I am doing research for a whitepaper or journal article. It is not always clear what search term would provide me with the most fruitful direction to go. Instead of trying a large number of search terms looking for the best one, I just have to go to a page that looks interesting, and let Ambiently do a more general search, and I can see a number of results, hopefully finding one or two that look worthwhile. At some point, I will probably end up feeding a term to a search engine, either at the beginning to find the initial page of interest, later in the process after narrowing down my research direction, or most likely both.

In my view, this idea of looking in a lot of different directions without my having to try a large number of search terms individually, provides a discriminator between a search engine and a discovery engine. Each direction that Ambiently (implicitly) looks does not provide me with a long list of links. It doesn’t need to. It is enough that it gives me a peek in each direction, so that I may decide which ones to explore. Once I visit a page linked to by Ambiently, I have (again, implicitly) chosen a direction to explore. From there, I may find that the new page has links to others with useful information, or I could have a search term to feed into a search engine, or I could even let Ambiently discover some new directions for me from this new starting point.

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20 Crazy Web Sites That You Should Bookmark

April 07, 2009 by RoNation, UK

Yes they are very crazy and very usefull! A hand-picked list with 20 web sites that you should bookmark.

Ambiently is a web discovery engine. While a search engine answers your query with a list of web links, a discovery engine provides you with relevant web links directly from any webpage you are on.


Ambiently: A Search Engine in a Bookmarklet

April 7, 2009 by Sarah Perez @ Read/Write Web

To be precise, Ambiently is not actually a search engine, it’s a “web discovery engine.” What’s the difference? A search engine answers your manually typed-in query with a list of links, but a discovery engine provides relevant content directly related to the web page you’re currently viewing.

Ambiently is the kind of tool that will work best when you’re looking at a page about a fairly specific topic, not when you want to see suggestions of other sites like the one you’re on.

That said, Ambiently could still end up being useful, especially when researching unique topics which you’re having trouble locating through traditional search engine queries. But before we can say that this search tool will actually become a part of our daily routine, we’ll have to live with it for a bit longer.

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Ambiently: Find Related Web Content

April 03, 2009 by Samuel Dean

So far, I’m finding Ambiently very good for some of the tasks that I would otherwise use a search engine for, in particular finding good alternative content on esoteric topics and seeing how my content is being used by others.

It’s very easy to get started with Ambiently. It’s a bookmarklet, so it works in most popular browsers.

I’ll give Ambiently a nod for indeed being different from a search engine — definitely more of a “discovery engine” — but it’s primarily best at finding non-obvious relationships related to offbeat topics.

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Is Ambiently a search engine or a discovery engine?

March 31, 2009 by Charles Knight @ AltSearchEngines

Just what is Ambiently? Ambiently is a web discovery engine. While a search engine answers your query with a list of web links, a discovery engine provides you with relevant web links directly from any webpage you are on.

From any webpage you are viewing, one click on a toggle button takes you to an “ambient page.” That ambient page displays a list of relevant webpage links. Usually these links are related to the current webpage. You scan this page and check out listed webpages, just like using a search results page.

No matter if you are happy or not with the current webpage, you can go to its ambient page to see more related webpage links. It is an easy way to find interesting information.

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